Kris Thielemans


UCL Institute of Nuclear Medicine

Kris Thielemans

Prof Thielemans is Professor in Medical Imaging Physics, based at the Institute of Nuclear Medicine (UCL/UCLH) and associated to CMIC. He is an expert in all aspects of image generation and quantification in molecular imaging. He is the PI of CCP SyneRBI, a network on synergistic image reconstruction that targets both computational and biomedical researchers. CCP SyneRBI and its predecessor CCP PETMR has delivered yearly training courses including cloud-based hands-on exercises. He (co-)leads many Open Source Software projects (total approx. 500 citations). Prof Thielemans worked in industry from 2001 to 2011 and has strong links with industry, including as industrial liaison of the UCL i4Health Centre for Doctoral Training. Dr Thielemans was awarded the IEEE Medical Imaging Technical Achievement Award in 2019.

Key publications

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