Effective training for imaging research

Health and Bioscience IDEAS provides training for all researchers looking to improve their skills around analysing and managing imaging data, from newcomers to advanced users.

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We focus on three main themes

Image Acquisition and Analysis logo

Image Acquisition and Analysis

Acquiring and Processing image data - Need new image
Software Development logo

Software Development

Making your code transparent and robust
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Data Management

Best practice for handling large data sets with multiple users

Position available - Lecturer(Teaching)

We are hiring! The IDEAS team is looking for a highly motivated individual to join us and help sh...

Implementing Reproducible Medical Image Analysis Pipelines

Members from the IDEAS team will be lecturing and providing a hands-on project at the UCL Medical...

Managing Medical Image Data with XNAT

The 2021 XNAT workshop takes place 13-17 September 2021, and Health and Bioscience IDEAS is proud...