Jamie McClelland

Associate Professor

UCL Centre for Medical Image Computing

Jamie McClelland

Jamie is an Associate Professor Associate of Radiotherapy Image Computing in the department of Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering at UCL, and co-lead of the RadioTherapy Image Computing (RTIC) group at the Centre for Medical Image Computing (CMIC). His research focusses on applying state-of-the-art medical image processing and analysis primarily for Radiotherapy related applications, which a particular focus on modelling and compensating for respiratory motion during imaging, planning, and treatment delivery. He has extensive teaching experience at UCL including being the current module lead for the Information Processing in Medical Imaging module and previously a co-organiser of the annual MedICSS summer school. He has lectured at a number of national and international meetings including the ESTRO teaching courses.

Key publications

  1. McClelland JR, Hawkes DJ, Schaeffter T, and & King AP. “Respiratory motion models: a review.” Medical Image Analysis, 17 (1): 19-42. (2013) DOI
  2. McClelland JR, Modat M, Arridge S, et al. “A generalized framework unifying image registration and respiratory motion models and incorporating image reconstruction, for partial image data or full images”. Physics in Medicine and Biology, 62 (11):4273-4292. (2017) DOI
  3. Veiga C, Landau D, Devaraj A, …, and McClelland JR. “Novel CT-Based Objective Imaging Biomarkers of Long-Term Radiation-Induced Lung Damage”. International Journal Radiation Oncology, Biology, Physics. 102(4):1287-1298. (2018) DOI
  4. Eiben B, Bertholet J, Menten MJ, …, and McClelland JR. “Consistent and invertible deformation vector fields for a breathing anthropomorphic phantom: a post-processing framework for the XCAT phantom.”” Physics in Medicine & Biology. 65: 165005. (2020) DOI